Waste Management Solutions from BFI Canada

BFI Canada Waste Management strives to be the premier provider of environmentally responsible waste management services. We have been providing Canadian residences service excellence in waste management for over 25 years. Our ongoing commitment to excellence has led us to invest in new technologies and alternative waste management solutions that streamline waste management in your community.

At BFI Canada, we've recently established ourselves as North America's third largest solid waste management company. Headquartered in Toronto, our 6000 plus employees serve commercial, industrial and residential customers in Canada and the U.S.

Enjoy a Cleaner Community with Environmentally Responsible Waste Management

As one of North America's largest non-hazardous, solid waste management companies; BFI Canada Waste Management provides collection and disposal services, through both landfills and transfer stations. We offer our customers a full suite of waste management services to help deal with their specific solid waste management needs.

Our customers requiring Commercial Waste Management come to BFI Canada for all sized containers and can arrange for fast container delivery. We've helped many commercial businesses, start and maintain successful waste management programs that incorporate Commercial Recycling and Disposal Services. The needs of manufacturers and others in the industrial sector are addressed with Industrial Waste Management services. Companies are responsible for their own hazardous and non-hazardous industrial waste management so we provide a full range of containers and compactors to suit their waste management needs.

The growing environmental concerns expressed by Canadians today also concern BFI Canada, so we've designed Residential Waste Management services that help tenants, homeowners and municipalities meet their solid waste needs in their communities. A handy Residential Dumpster Bin service is another option we offer as part of our environmentally responsible residential waste removal services.

BFI Canada, your #1 Source for Complete Waste Management

Depending on the size of your project, you may require a Construction Bin Rental. BFI Canada offers construction bin rentals in a variety of sizes with one to suit your renovation or construction project needs. Whether you're supervising on a construction site or just upgrading the kitchen; a construction bin rental from BFI Canada offers the best value so you can get back to more important things.

Recycling is something simple we can all do to contribute to the longevity of our planet. BFI Canada makes recycling easier by providing the convenient pick up and drop off of recyclable materials (aluminum cans, glass bottles, newspapers, blend paper, corrugated cardboard). Through our network of recycling collection services and recovery facilities, we work hard to help our customers reduce waste generation and increase recovery rates.

All five of the landfills we operate in Canada are designed to meet the highest environmental protection standards. For years, the word "landfill" has had a negative connotation but BFI has utilized the latest advances in landfill technology to protect local ecosystems and has invested in landfill gas-to-energy capabilities which generate electricity for use by hydro companies. These technological landfill advancements highlight the benefits of BFI Canada landfills as an integral waste management solution.

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Our integrated waste management services in Canada include:

  • Material Recovery Facility
  • Transfer Station
  • Commercial Front-End Pick-up
  • Industrial Pick-up
  • Recycling Pick-up
  • Roll-off/Temporary Front-end and construction

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