Professional Residential Waste Management in Ontario

Never one to settle for second best, BFI Canada has been an industry leader for years by helping people all over the country meet their residential waste management needs. As one of largest non-hazardous solid waste management companies in Canada, BFI Canada aims to empower our customers by promoting a sustainable future through proper management of waste and recyclable materials. If you are a homeowner looking to safely and responsibly manage solid waste disposal, contact BFI Canada today. We dispose of more than 128 million tonnes of waste annually! Contact BFI Canada to learn more today.

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At BFI Canada, we're proud to have served 25 years of safe, high quality, efficient residential waste management in cities throughout Ontario. We strive to consistently surpass the highest industry standards of environmental protection by providing accountable solutions. For us, keeping a strong commitment to the environment is important, as well as offering education and safety programs that support our service. If you want to learn more, contact BFI Canada or fill out our form today!

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BFI Canada is an industry leader, innovating to improve the future of solid waste management. If you are looking for a waste management company that offers an integrated system of services that includes waste collection, recycling services, material recovery, transfer services and disposal services, then BFI Canada is right at your service! For Blue Ribbon service excellence and economical service, contact BFI Canada today. Let's work toward a cleaner community and a greener environment.

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At BFI Canada, we offer more than just residential waste management in Ontario as part of our waste management services. Experience our BLUE RIBBON service excellence with our:

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